Where is Buttercream Clothing made?

Every garment is made ethically in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by a team of talented seamstresses with love.

What does Pre-Sale mean?

All of our clothing is made to order with the exception of our Freshly Baked collection. When you place your order, we start from scratch! The piece is cut, sewn, and then packed and shipped out. Here's a sneak peak at what happens behind-the-scenes when you place a pre-sale order:

Pre-Sale Order Process | Buttercream Clothing


How long will my order take to ship out?

As all of our pieces are made ethically by our talented, local seamstresses, sometimes these lovelies take longer than you'd hope! We try our best to get your order out in the time frame indicated at checkout, but occasionally things happen that are out of our control. Delivery delays, fabric back-orders, seamstress delays, strikes and customs delays can cause your order to be held up unexpectedly. During holidays, sales and other high-volume times, your order may be slower than usual. We think quality is worth the wait and know you will agree! For more info check out our shipping info here.

What if I need my piece sooner for a special occasion, etc?

We now offer a rush service for a fee of $35 per garment. We will do our best to rush your item and get it out to you in 7-10 days! We also offer expedited shipping options.

What is Freshly Baked?

These are newly made feature items that we have in stock in our warehouse. We can ship these lovelies out to you in 24-48 hours! No rush fee necessary here! If you place an order with Freshly Baked as well as pre-sale items, we will ship your Freshly Baked garments out right away and ship your pre-sale garments once they are ready. Here's a sneak peak at what happens behind-the-scenes when you place a Freshly Baked order:

 Freshly Baked Order Process | Buttercream Clothing

How do I wash this beautiful thing?

All of our bamboo pieces can be washed on a gentle, cold cycle. Take care not to wash with jeans or other potentially sharp, damaging items. Then lay these babies flat to dry! As for the scarves and kimonos, hand wash these cold and lay flat to dry.

How do your clothes hold up?

Well, I'm glad you asked! We use only the best quality fabric for our clothing. All of the basics are made of the most glorious bamboo/cotton/spandex that you won't want to take off. We specifically pick fabrics that don't pill and will last for many, many wears!

How do your clothes fit?

We design our clothes to fit and flatter real women's bodies. We have adjusted some sizes so everything now fits true to size. For more info please see our size chart.

What is your return policy?

 A detailed return policy can be found here.

How do I wear your blanket scarves?

You can check out this video to see great ideas on how to wear it!

Can you tell me about your packing material?

So glad you asked! We take great care in sourcing not only our fabrics but also our packing material. We use 100% recycled and reusable envelopes, tissue and post cards. Even our stickers are recyclable! If you would like to opt out of receiving excess packing, just drop us a line in your order notes and we will be happy to oblige.