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Buttercream Model Stats

Find out what sizes our Buttercream Clothing models are wearing!

 *Model information is based on comfort and consent from our models. Our models are not professional models and choose which information they share. We are so grateful for this amazing group of people!


The Perfect Fit

Online shopping can be really tricky until you get to know your size and fit - that is why we have created a virtual fitting experience for you!

We want you to feel amazing in your Buttercream Clothing!

We have experts standing by to help you when you are stuck on sizing or if you have any other fit or fabric questions.

We want to help you build a gorgeous, ethical, and, above all, comfortable wardrobe, filled with love!

Book a Virtual Fitting

We'd love to meet you over video chat! During your Virtual Fitting, we will discuss your personal style preferences, learn more about the pieces that you are most interested in, and go through other options that are aligned with your style. 

Ready to book your Virtual Fitting? Simply email to set up your Virtual Fitting - we can't wait to meet you and help you find your perfect fit!