About Us

Whipped up with love - the Buttercream Clothing story!

Buttercream Clothing began at the kitchen table and grew to be the ethical, local clothing line that you love today. After having her first child, Candice started baking cakes for friends and family as a means to contribute to family income and be able to stay home with her small children. When she couldn’t find a cute, vintage-style apron that she loved, she decided to sew a custom apron herself. Buttercream Aprons was the first version of Buttercream Clothing and the aprons took off. It didn’t take long for clothing requests to start coming in when word got around that Candice could sew. Buttercream Clothing was born because the community asked for locally made, comfortable clothing and we will forever be committed to creating just that – right alongside you. 

Ethical, Local, Love

Buttercream Clothing quickly grew from Candice at her kitchen table to the amazing team of talented sewists we work with to this day. We were so thrilled to find three ethical factory production partners in Calgary to bring more Buttercream to the growing community. These are mom-and-pop shops that employ incredibly talented small teams that allow us to launch bigger batches on our Freshly Baked section. We are so honoured to have our team of sewists, administration people, fulfillment specialists, models, photographers, and more to help you with all things Buttercream. Growing our team of like-minded individuals that are also committed to local, ethical, well-made fashion right here in Canada, has meant so much to us. Our dedication to providing fashion that you feel good in and feel good about, will never change. Thank you so much for your continued support, ideas, recommendations, feedback, and love– it truly is the main ingredient of what makes Buttercream Clothing what it is today. 





The Buttercream Clothing Recipe:

 Buttercream Clothing is curated with specific, intentional ingredients. Read the Buttercream Clothing Recipe to learn more about how we are baking up local love.