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Elite X Buttercream | Maternity Wear | Buttercream Clothing

We all know that everyday is better when it’s a Buttercream day! So we whipped up some sweet treats for when you’re expecting your little cupcake!

At Elite Doula Group, we spend most of our time with new and expecting families and saw that there was a lack of stylish, comfortable, ethical, local and easily interchanged options for growing and nursing your little one. Heather and Loree approached one of their favourite designers to collaborate, as our philosophies and business practices are very similar.

For those of you who don’t know, doulas are any pregnancy’s essential ingredient!

Although a bit of a weird word, doulas are not just for home births, for natural births, or even for births! Doulas partner with the family and caregivers to enhance what is already a great team.

We guide you through the process, from before baby until you feel confident as a new parent and take away any unnecessary stress and anxiety; not replacing your partner, but giving them the confidence to support you better.

We’re finally creating options for the modern mom, no one wants to wear their mother’s maternity clothes, so why birth like her? We put you as the priority and help you focus on your goals, taking pregnancy and parenthood to the next level.

Elite Maternity by Buttercream: beautiful and functional. After all, who wants to wear a tent while pregnant?


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