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Buttercream Clothing: Proudly Made in Canada.

In beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia, Candice had the simple idea of making cute vintage-inspired aprons. With a name just as sweet to match, Buttercream Aprons sprung to life.

But as word quickly got out about Candice’s delicious designs and whimsical fabrics, orders began bounding in. Candice found herself whipping up so much more than just aprons. Her modest one-woman production soon blossomed into a full clothing and accessories line.

To meet the growing demand for gorgeous, ethical clothing made in Canada, Buttercream Aprons evolved into Buttercream Clothing as it added 21 talented seamstresses and two manufacturing facilities in Calgary and Kelowna. Candice and the business have since moved to Calgary, Alberta and are so excited as the business continues to grow.

Not only is each Buttercream Clothing item constructed (designed, cut, sewn and finished) ethically, it’s made to last using luxurious, high quality fabrics that feel as soft as butter on your skin.

Nothing feels quite as delicious as wrapping yourself in Buttercream clothing in the morning and feeling chic yet wonderfully cozy all day long.

To this day, Buttercream Clothing maintains the brand’s core values of hand crafting beautiful, ethical, Canadian-made clothing. Some things never change. And in our case, that’s a good thing.

Which of these heavenly pieces will you add to your collection next?

  • *pre-sale* Baseball Tee (ships in 3-5 weeks)
  • *pre sale* Lolli Leggings - Moss - light grey (ships in 3-5 weeks)
  • *pre-sale* Organic Cotton Scarf - Wild horses (ships in 2-4 weeks)