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Life with Betty: Wish I Was Sleeping

Hey, Buttercream fans! Are you as tired as I am? Fellow mothers, you know how I feel. It’s our reason to slip into a comfy dress or a good pair of leggings and pull our hair up into a messy bun every morning before fumbling around for coffee. 

Oh how I wish my extreme fatigue were a result of an exciting dinner party complete with adult drinks. But, as usual, it’s because Baby Buttercream doesn’t “sleep like a baby.” 

Who came up with the saying “sleep like a baby?” Probably someone who doesn’t have one. It’s an honest mistake, really. You can’t help but notice how peaceful babies look while they’re sleeping, but many are blissfully unaware of how they wake up every hour.

I know it’s just a stage and oh how these days drag on but these years fly by. Armed with a good-natured attitude, a Buttercream blanket scarf and a cozy pair of slippers by my bed, I’m always ready to comfort this sweet baby. Until this stage passes, I’ll rely on coffee, my other zombie mom friends and the motivation of finding something cute in my closet to wear.

I hope you’re sleeping like a teenager on summer break. 

Until next time, lovelies!

xo Betty Buttercream

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Canada 150

Buttercream Clothing is thrilled to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. The rich heritage, stunning landscapes and hardworking people are all part of what we love and appreciate about this great country. As a Canadian company, we are committed to celebrating Canada in our everyday work. How do we do it?

Ethically Made, Locally Made

Buttercream’s entire production process takes place right here in Canada. We cut, sew and create each item locally as part of our commitment to ethical manufacturing. Our seamstresses are located in Calgary and Kelowna. In addition to keeping everything local, we stimulate the economy where we live.

Buttercream Clothing, Simplifying Life for Canadians

What do we love most about how Buttercream Clothing celebrates Canada? It makes Canadians feel great! Both our women’s and men’s collections are full of high-quality, functional wardrobe pieces that can form a base for your capsule wardrobe. This type of wardrobe allows you to purchase fewer, but more versatile and long-lasting items that make getting dressed a breeze.  We believe that this fits in well with the Canadian values of living life to the fullest, staying comfortable and minimizing waste.

Celebrate Canada!

For these and many more reasons we’re proud to be a successful Canadian company contributing to the country we love so much. This year is extra special because we’re commemorating Canada 150. So, get out there in your comfy, stylish Buttercream Clothing and celebrate Canada with us year round!


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