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Guest Post – My New Neighbour – Shop YYC: Buttercream Clothing

My New Neighbour

Sweet, delicious, soft and delightful come to mind when one thinks of the word buttercream. All of these enticing words are an apt description of Calgary’s own Buttercream Clothing. Designed and produced in Calgary and Kelowna, Buttercream Clothing is swiftly becoming a staple in the Calgary-maker scene. An obvious favourite at Alberta markets as well as impressive international popularity, it’s a brand we are always keeping our eye on.

My New Neighbour - Victoria - Cupcake Tank, Kimono, and Vintage Tied Headband
Victoria is wearing Buttercream’s Cupcake Tank, Kimono, and Vintage Tied Headband
My New Neighbour - Alex - Cinnamon Swirl Swing Dress and Chevron Scarf
Alex is wearing Buttercream’s Cinnamon Swirl Swing Dress and Chevron Scarf.

Candice is the inspirational force behind the clothing line, balancing and growing a thriving business with marriage, motherhood as well as active participation and support of other makers and individuals in the ethical fashion world, like us! In fact, Candice was one of My New Neighbour’s earliest supporters. We love her story and the cozy, adorable clothing her line offers. We’ve partnered with Buttercream Clothing, Vian Esterhuizen Photography and two of our dearest friends to give you a glimpse into Candice’s story and a look at some of our favourites from her Buttercream collection.

Read on for our interview, photoshoot and special coupon code featuring Buttercream clothing!

My New Neighbour

Tell us about where you are from…

I was born in South Africa and my family moved to Vancouver when I was just two, from there we moved to Kelowna and that is where Buttercream Clothing all began!

What inspired you to start Buttercream?

One Christmas, I was talking with my sister-in-law about her Etsy shop and I thought, I can make aprons and sell them online! I called it Buttercream Aprons and from there it quickly turned to clothing, then suddenly took off!

My New Neighbour - Victoria - Sweater Dress
Victoria is wearing Buttercream’s Sweater Dress (coming soon).


My New Neighbour - Alex - Cupcake Tank Top, Kimono and Vintage Tied Headband
Alex is wearing Buttercream’s Cupcake Tank Top, Kimono and Vintage Tied Headband


Tell us the story of Buttercream’s progression to where it is today…

Buttercream Clothing started out with simple maxi skirts, t-shirt dresses and scarves. We have grown so quickly that we now have 14 seamstresses sewing for us and we proudly produce every item ethically and locally in Canada. We have a lot of big goals and this business never ceases to amaze us!

What is your design process? What inspires new items each season?

With a talented team of seamstresses we design between 10-20 new styles each season and roll them out in very exciting website launches. I get ideas from all over, my customers are some of my greatest brainstormers and I find that when I make what my customers suggest, they become my best sellers!


My New Neighbour


We love that you produce your garments ethically. What does “ethical production” mean to you? Why do you think it’s important? 

Ethical production means fair treatment and fair pay, to me. Every one of my seamstresses works out of their home studio at the pace that they want, making the items that they want to make. I think it is so important because people are the backbone of this business.

Not many people know there are Canadian options for garment production. How do you choose where to produce Buttercream clothing?

I find my seamstresses from all different places and I have been so lucky to have many that have approached me via email or at markets, we are always looking as we are always growing!

My New Neighbour - Victoria - Cowl Neck Dress
Victoria is wearing Cowl Neck Dress.


My New Neighbour - Alex - Baseball Tee
Alex is wearing Buttercream’s Baseball Tee.


What is important to you when you are choosing your fabrics?

High quality fabrics that last are the most important thing to me. I try to get fabrics that will not pill and that will stay in excellent shape, to provide my customers with the quality that they expect from me.

What are the joys of producing locally? What are the challenges?

The joys of local production are being able to be so involved in every aspect of design and production, I love getting to tweak things until they are just right! The challenges are keeping up with the high volume of production, we are always hiring more people to sew for us in order to keep up.


My New Neighbour


You have a large social media following and have previously mentioned to us that Buttercream has grown enough for both you and your husband to pursue it full time. What has been a key factor or factors in your success?

Never ever stop working! I really am so committed to this business that from the time I wake up until I go to bed, I am pretty much constantly working. That has changed in the last few months as I am not sewing as much and we are not packing orders any more, as we have hired more people to help in that area, but I am constantly managing all of the different aspects of the business.

What are your tips for balancing a successful business with other “life duties” like marriage, motherhood and friends? 

I think if you are happy in what you do and if you are fulfilled in your job the rest will follow! By having my husband quit his job to stay home with the family we have so much free time now to do things that we never could have before and the business has benefited so much from that. I always make sure to find moments for the special people in my life and my family always comes first, being a work at home mom is one of the best parts of running this business.

My New Neighbour - Victoria - Baseball Tee and Lemon Meringue Lounge Pants
Victoria is wearing Buttercream’s Patterned Baseball Tee (coming soon) and Lemon Meringue Lounge Pants


My New Neighbour - Alex - limited edition apron, cinnamon swirl swing dress
Alex is wearing Buttercream’s limited edition apron, cinnamon swirl swing dress.


The future looks bright for Buttercream clothing, we are always excited to see what’s next! Can you give us some hints about what we can expect?

Well, we are beyond excited to be extending our sizes up to 3x as well as coming out with a men’s collection in the fall!

Complete the sentences below…

My favourite place to be with family is … Banff

The best place to eat in Calgary is … Una

The local brands I adore are … Lace Brick Design, Feathering My Nest, My Mila Baby, Mug’s Emporium and Salty Sea Dog Designs

To relax I love to … Read

My favourite vacation spot is … Italy

The place I feel most inspired is … Home

You can find Buttercream clothing online or in a retail store near you.

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This code is available for a limited time only, so grab your favourite piece while you can! Like an item in this post that you don’t see on the website? Contact Buttercream Clothing directly to place a custom order! 

My New Neighbour - Cupcakes

Please note that this post was created to support a local maker we are sincerely inspired by, it is not sponsored.

All photography by Vian Esterhuizen.

Guest Post – Closet Essentials – Multiwear Pieces.

You know that feeling when something new comes into your closet and you just want to wear it every single day? This new 3-in-1 I got in from Buttercream Clothing is that and then some. It is the perfect wardrobe staple, I can make outfit after outfit with this one thing.

So what is it? It’s the 3-in-1 poncho. I ordered mine in black but there are several different colours to choose from. See them all right here! It can be worn three ways, as a poncho, as a dress and as a skirt.

Here it is worn as a dress. I covered it up with a white crochet shawl because it was a bit chilly out but looks great on its own as a strapless dress. A gorgeous handmade necklace from Jewel Sofia that I tightened up into a choker and my favourite nude sandals to complete the look.

Apparently keeping with the mainly black and white theme, I wore the poncho over white jeans (my fave!) with a cute pair of Manolo Blahnik Trelis.

I accessorized with this black clutch and a leather cuff bracelet from Bella’s Treasure. (Use LINDSEY25 for my 25% off discount) Mine has the golden key cuff link closure, they have tons to choose from to mix and match. I also love the snowflake one for the upcoming season that we shall not name 😄

Now third and final function of this piece is the skirt. I played around with this to get the best look I could for quite a while and finally settled on…

…this! It’s definitely best with a fitted top tucked in but it can be worn with a shirt overlapping the waistband as well. However, my secret here is that I’m actually wearing a dress under it. I tend to wear dresses under skirts a lot because they tuck in easily and are long enough that they will stay down!

I wore my black suede pumps and a black leather choker with this.

It fits absolutely beautifully and I truly would love a closet of just these. I can’t wait to see what other combinations I can come up with out of this!

Let me know what you think and be sure to go check out Buttercream Clothing!

Till next time,

Lindsey xoxo

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