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Month: February 2016

It’s all about love.

The more I think of this business and where it has taken me and my family and why that is happening the more I think about love. It is about a love of a passion for what I do, it is about the love of making amazing customers thrilled with a product, it is about a love of creating a family life that we were hoping for and it is about a love of providing amazing customer service to special people that make this brand what it is.

As we have moved forward with this incredible opportunity I have so many people ask me how did we do it, how do I do it all?! It may sound really stereotypical but you have to really LOOOOVE what you do. Every day, everything about it. Don’t get me wrong there are things that I don’t love, like when things go wrong or when there are obstacles in my way but those things make me better and make the brand better.

Since my husband quit his job last June we have committed to be “all in” with this powerful journey and what we have received in return is astounding! We are able to have the family life that we want and the opportunities that have arisen because of our flexibility has been stunning. We are off to a party celebrating the Oscars in Hollywood at the end of the month, last fall I was able to attend a conference in Las Vegas to source gorgeous fabrics that will be used in the spring line launching in April and there are more huge things on the horizon for this coming year as well!

As time goes on I keep going back to how to make a brand come to life and how to relate to my incredible customers. First of all, I make things that I love and I really do wear something of mine every day, not to just represent the brand but because these pieces are actually my favourites. The next thing that comes quite naturally to me is providing the best customer service that I possibly can in order to give you the best shopping experience possible. And lastly, I always want people to know that these items are produced with love, they are made in Canada (specifically in Calgary and Kelowna) by extremely talented people that are so essential to the make-up of this company.

All over my Facebook page, Instagram and email accounts I see “love this!!”, “just received my order today and I love it!!”, “I love what you do!” it really makes my day to know that this product can evoke such feelings and make you comfortable, cozy and stylish all at once.

So that being said, I send my love to you!

xo Candice