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Month: April 2015

What does ethically made in Canada mean?

At Buttercream Clothing the most important part of our business is that every item is made in an ethical manner which means that every piece is constructed (designed, cut, sewn and finished) in an ethical manner. At this time the Buttercream production team consists of 6 ladies in Kelowna, one lady in Calgary as well as 2 professional manufacturing facilities in Calgary and myself of course! We are all working together to bring you happy clothing that is completely sweat shop free. Every item is manufactured with the most care to create a garment that will last for years to come. All of the fabrics selected are also high quality to last the test of time. We are moving towards more eco fabrics when possible. At this time organic cotton and  regular bamboo as well as organic bamboo products are being used. We are also very excited for the new designs to come!  Candice and the Buttercream Team

What’s with the name?

I often get asked “why Buttercream?” well apart from being delicious like I design my clothing to be, it all started with aprons. I thought it would be a fun idea to make vintage-inspired aprons and that is how the whole thing began. I called it Buttercream Aprons to go with a baking theme. My friends quickly started asking me if I could make clothing and that was the end of that! The brand has come a long way since starting just two years ago, I have been working with some amazing seamstresses, designers and fabric suppliers to make some pretty sweet and super comfortable clothing. I am so grateful for all of the amazing friends, family and most of all, customers that have been supporters from the very beginning!


xo Candice